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XCMG Crane Export Dept.
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About us

Concept of the Enterprise
Honesty, Common Gain

(1)Spirit of the Enterprise
Keep pace with the time, exceed the present achievement
(2)Belief of the Enterprise
Build world class enterprise, make world class quality product.
By the effort of 5-10 years, become:
Pacemaker in the Crane, Fire Trucks and Pumps Machinery Industry.
Forerunner of new products, advanced technique and new manage style.
The Enterprise with most competitive superiority in the relative fields.
The most respected and popular supplier in China, and with its outstanding reputation in the international market.
The Executant devoting to increase the living standard of the staff
(3)Mission of the Enterprise
We are the former of the value.
Our purpose is to create satisfactory value for the relative people and organizations.
(4)Rule of Action
Systematized Management, Standardized Working
Operating with Procedure, Analyzing by Data
(5)Service Concept
Reach customer satisfaction, pursue customer moving.
Note: Providing top product is the most important way to win wide customers.
(6)Exist Maxim
Consider the danger, think of the advance.
The connotative meaning of lag behind is not only stagnation but also advancing by inches. Therefore, the company should pay special attention to the dangerous potential factor but not the safe environment.
Note: Every stride is accompanied by dangerous potential. The company never hugs herself on the existent success, but treats the larger challenge accompanied with the success carefully.

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